Welcome to Planetside Stats, Soldier!

Planetside 2 has arrived, and all-out war once again rages on the planet of Auraxis. Troops from all three factions have been mobilized on the continents of Esamir, Indar and Amerish.

Engineers are still working on the tactical uplinks, but as soon as we have them - you'll have them too.

We hope to bring players of all factions in-depth access to data about their characters, their outfits, their friends (and their foes!). Additionally, tactical data overlaid onto continent maps to help you get into the fight and defend your territory.

Planetside Stats will be available as soon as possible on the web, and for iOS and Android!

You can keep up to date with us here, or by following @Ps2Stats on Twitter and visiting us on Facebook and Google+.

Disclaimer: This website is not affiliated with SOE (Sony Online Entertainment) in any way.

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